The value of taking folic acid before and during pregnancy is fairly well known.  Another nutrient that is needed in pregnancy is iodine – for infant nerve and brain development.  However, new research shows that awareness about this is concerningly low…

A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition evaluated knowledge of iodine amongst women of childbearing age.  Amongst the 520 completing the survey only one-third (32%) of women correctly identified that iodine was needed for pregnancy.  Nearly half (41%) could not link iodine deficiency to a related health problem and 46% failed to meet dietary targets for iodine (140 µg/d).

These findings indicate that knowledge about the importance of iodine for pregnancy is concerningly poor and needs to be improved for intakes to improve in the future.

For more information, see: O’Kane SM et al., (2016) British Journal of Nutrition Vol. 116, no. 10; pg. 1728-35.