Antibiotics in Early Life and Obesity Link

weighingscales-NI.jpg2The disruption of gut microbiota has been linked to obesity in previous publications.  However, as this is established early in life new research has now looked into whether infant antibiotic use could be linked to obesity in childhood…

Using health care records logging antibiotic use and anthropometric measurements at age 9 years (n=616) and 12 years (n=431) results were analysed from a Canadian cohort study conducted from birth.

Results showed that infants receiving antibiotics in the first year of life were more likely to be overweight at 12 years of age (P=0.002).  However, after adjusting for factors such as birth weight and breastfeeding, this association only persisted in boys.

While obesity is a complex condition, these results indicate that infant antibiotic exposure could be another underpinning risk factor.  Further work is now needed to investigate mechanisms behind this.

 For more information, see: Azad MB et al. (2014) International Journal of Obesity (London) Vol. 100(5), pg 1290-8