Food Trends look Positive

fruit-niIt is important to look at food trends given that we are an ageing population that needs to age healthily.  Analysis of dietary intake data (n=989) from the Medical Research Council National Survey on Health and Development spanning over 30 years has looked into this further…

It was found that the consumption of white bread, whole milk, fats and oils, meat and meat products, alcoholic drinks, coffee, sugar, preserves and confectionery had significantly declined.  On the other hand, consumption of wholemeal and granary bread, semi-skimmed milk, fish, fruit and vegetables had significantly increased.

On the whole these findings look positive, indicating that ageing populations may be complying with dietary recommendations, although some of this may be attributed to report bias.

 For more information, see: Pot GK et al. (2014) European Journal of Clinical Nutrition [Epub ahead of print].