Pregnancy Iron & Childhood Wheeze

It is well known that low iron status in pregnancy can lead to anaemia in the mother and if uncorrected the child.  Now, a new study has looked at the role that iron has to play in relation to childhood wheeze.

Scientists used data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), study; a cohort of children born in the 90s.   Information about iron intake, status and child health from 157 mother-child pairs was analysed.

Higher serum Transferrin Receptor (TfR) levels (an indicator of reduced iron status) were linked to increased wheeze while higher ferritin levels were linked to improved lung function.

These are interesting findings, suggesting that pregnancy iron status possibly has broader roles to play in child health.  Further studies, ideally as randomised trials are now needed.

 For more information, see: Nwaru BI et al. (2014) British Journal of Nutrition Vol. 112 (12), pg 2018-27.