Potatoes – great for little ones

Mixed fruit and veg bowl








Using data in the US from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey scientists have looked at which fruit and veg. in early life could help contribute to nutrient intakes.

Amongst children aged 1-3 years average intakes of potassium, dietary fibre and vitamin D were 67 per cent, 55 per cent, and 49 per cent of Dietary Reference Intake, respectively. Mean total vegetable intakes were less than advice of 1 cup per day.

Authors concluded that eating all vegetables, but especially potatoes which are rich in  potassium and dietary fibre could help to narrow these gaps.

For more information, see: Storey, ML & Anderson, PA (2016) Adv Nutr Vol. 7, no. 1; pg. 241S-6S.