• Dr Emma Derbyshire

Stagnation or Time for Research Stimulation?

Research is central to moving forward – as a company, educational or research institute and as a nation. There are increasing concerns that the UK economy’s stagnation could increase changes of recession. So, do we hold back on research or invest our way through this?

Research involves creative thinking, possessing thoughts ‘outside the box’, developing and pursuing ‘blue sky’ ideas. When conducted the right way 'research' essentially means being innovative which could involve creating:

- A new idea/outlook

- A new concept

- A new method or approach

- A new way or looking at things

Ultimately, research can help to create novel and often unexpected breakthrough ideas, stimulate the updating of current systems/approaches, and move us forward to drive and adapt to societal trends.

Innovations also often come from combining ideas, often from very different disciplines. In modern times we are not just scientists but ‘creative scientists’ that constantly need to look to the future.

So, back to the original question – should we sit tight through stagnant times or keep researching and innovating to move through such times?

Terminology definitions:

Blue sky ideas – brainstorming without restrictions or limitations.

Relevant links and publications:


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