The Launch of Little Foodie.

Emma and Charlotte-Stirling Reed have combined forces and launched Little Foodie.Org – a fun, evidence-based organisation that aims to fuel a fresh, new movement – helping children to have fun and build a healthy relationship with food right from the start.

Little Foodie works directly with parents and carers of young children to help overcome the struggles and battles that come hand-in-hand with feeding young children. Charlotte and Emma are both parents themselves and so combine hands on experience with the latest scientific evidence.  The aim of LittleFoodie.Org is to provide a reliable nutrition hub for parents.

How Little Foodie Came About.

Emma and Charlotte were both working on Parliamentary Project.  During this time it was evident that advice to help children to eat well was generally being given TOO LATE, typically after eating habits have already been firmly established.  Emma, widely published in the area also realised that science and guidelines had now shifted dramatically in this field yet solid advice for parents was lacking.

Where advice was available much of this was opinion-based rather than evidence-based, fuelled by the rise of discussion forums and blogging.  Thus, Little Foodie arose – a fresh new movement helping to plug the gap and provide parents with reliable and updated nutrition advice for their children with an infusion of fun.

Our Resources

Little Foodie aims to work directly with parents by offering a regular online forum where hot topics in nutrition will be discussed. We also offer free factsheets online for parents, covering a range of popular child feeding topics from weaning to fussy eating and to portion sizes. For more information you can find us on our social channels @littlefoodieorg and visit our website