Founder and Senior Consultant.  Dr Emma Derbyshire has a degree in Nutritional Biochemistry, PhD in Human Nutrition specialising in Maternal Nutrition and is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist. 

Emma is an established scientist, avid writer and presenter. She has written over 100 peer-reviewed publications and authored the successful Wiley-Blackwell text “Nutrition in the Childbearing Years”.

She has extensive consultancy experience compiling scientific documents for major international corporations, food and healthcare establishments, government agencies, eminent publishing houses and public relations agencies.

Senior Scientific Editor.  Dr Joanne Delange has a degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and PhD in Biochemistry specialising in retroviral proteases.

Joanne has garnered 15 years’ editorial experience in online publishing in a fast-moving scientific environment where she wrote articles on scientific research and out-licensing opportunities to assist in forming collaborative partnerships between research and industry worldwide.

Her experiences include writing and editing scientific material, including copy editing and proofreading for online publication, as well as ascertaining the commercial applications of the research or its relevance to disease and/or drug discovery.



Together, we form Nutritional Insight – an elite evidence-based nutritional and biomedical writing and consultancy service. Our goal is to filter out and present the best quality scientific research in fast-moving and growing fields.”

Nutritional Insight was set up in 2014 by Dr. Emma Derbyshire as an independent nutrition consultancy. With a strong background in nutritional science, Emma has valued peer-reviewed scientific research and evidence in the production of her work. In 2018, Emma teamed up with Dr. Joanne Delange, and with her strong background in biomedical science, Nutritional Insight is able to incorporate biomedical scientific expertise and the ability to complete on both nutritional and biomedical projects. 

Nutritional Insight is committed to delivering on every project, which are designed on an individual basis for each client. We are able to enhance your evidence-base and to complement and enrich polices, strategies, marketing and product portfolios.