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Driving Innovate UK Success.  

Nutritional insight recently submitted a grant application with other academic and Industry partners to Innovate UK Research: Better Food for All: Innovation for Improved Nutrition.  Nutritional Insight provided input in terms of project direction and framing – storytelling and substantiating the science.

Driving Change via High-Impact Publications.

Nutritional Insight has extensive experience writing a range of publications for a variety of audiences.  This has included widely cited, widely read nutrition peer-reviewed publications including meta-analysis articles and systematic reviews.  Some of these have had up to around 120,000 reads and 153 citations. Nutritional Insight works with expert statisticians. 

Driving Awareness by writing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) articles.

Nutritional Insight have produced a wealth of CPD publications writing nutrition content on a range of nutrition topics from the importance of hydration in childhood, UK fibre gaps, vitamin D deficiency and joint health concerns to the role of beetroot and Ariona berries in the diet.

Driving Change in the Nutrition Supplement 


Over the last 10 years Nutritional Insight has worked with several national and international nutrition supplementmanufacturers.  This has included Merck Consumer Health, Procter and Gamble, Seven Seas, Meda Pharmaceuticals and Ernest Jackson, amongst others.  Dr Derbyshire and the team have formulated portfolios of nutrition scientific evidence which has underpinned the development of successful new products. 

Driving New EFSA Opinion. 

Nutritional Insight worked with European colleagues and submitted a dossier of evidence to the European Food Safety Authority. Nutritional Insight provided scientific input, substantiation, and an evidence portfolio. This was a long-term project that involved working with a team of experts and resulted in a favourable opinion.

Driving Change from Conferences.  

Nutritional Insight founder Dr Derbyshire has both presented at and collated evidence from conferences nationally and internationally. She has presented and worked in Europe, the USA, Dubai, and Nairobi. As a recent example a peer-reviewed symposium review was compiled and published in the Journal of Nutritional Science which collated evidence from the ‘Food for our Future: Pathways to a Sustainable Future’ Nutrition Society conference held in 2022.

Driving the Choline Movement.

Nutritional Insight is the UK lead on publications relating to Choline.  In the UK unlike Norway, the United States and Australasia we do not have any formal Choline intake recommendations.  Yet, increasingly the evidence for Choline has been building, especially it’s potentially valuable roles as certain life-stages such as pregnancy in relation to processes such as liver function and brain development.  

Nutritional Insight has written several nutrition publications related to choline.  Some of this work was contracted by Procter and Gamble.

Driving Change in Hydration Habits.

Nutritional Insight worked with the Natural Hydration Council, now known as Natural Source Waters over a period of 5 years. Nutritional Insight played a key role in establishing the portfolio of widely read factsheets for use across life and health sectors which remain to be widely read and referred to today. Dr Derbyshire also attended and presented at Conferences across Europe presenting on the importance hydration (water focus) and health. 

Driving Change through White Papers.

Nutritional Insight has undertaken extensive report writing projects and compiled White Paper reports for a range of clients. Most recently this has included a protein white paper for Marlow Foods.  The report evaluated protein guidelines which are fast becoming outdated. It also reviewed protein guidelines and made recommendations about how this sector may position itself and advance in the future.

Driving Flexitarianism Awareness.  

Nutritional Insight was the first organisation to write a peer-reviewed publication about flexitarianism diets and health.  Until this paper was published in 2017 there was very little mention of what flexitarianism was in scientific domains.  The term was also not clearly defined.  This publication set out to full those gaps. 

Since its publication in 2017 it has had around 120,000 reads and 153 citations.  It is one of the most widely read articles published by Frontiers in Nutrition.  So that science paper certainly went some way towards driving awareness and change.  This work was contracted by Marlow Foods.

Driving Change in Food Based Dietary Guidelines.  

In many regions in the United Kingdom and indeed globally Food Based Dietary Guidelines have been becoming outdated with rapidity.  This has been driven by the shift towards plant-based diets with has been fuelled by population growth and accelerating climate and environmental concerns.  

Nutritional Insight has worked with clients to communicate how Food Based Dietary Guidelines could shape and change in the future, including how different foods and food groups could be represented.  Clients have included Marlow Foods (QuornTM), the American Pistachio Growers, the UK Tea and Infusions Association and British Lion Eggs.

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