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Research is always at the centre of our projects.  At Nutritional Insight we help to identify the best quality nutrition research and effectively embed this within writing and communication assignments.


Our services can be purchased on a bespoke basis for a specific project or requirement or through our expert packages which provide a regular service.

Nutirtion Research


We have great prescience and are at the forefront of changes in the nutrition landscape.  We have been the first to publish on many novel, emergent sectors and successfully provided Horizon Scanning services for past clients, keeping abreast of the latest nutrition research, trends, reports, and changes to guidance within the field.



Nutritional Insight is an experienced and established nutrition writing consultancy generating high-quality, meaningful, and insightful content.

We can undertake a diverse range of traditional and digital writing projects.  This broadly extends from the development of educational resources, fact sheets and press releases, to the compilations of Expert Opinion reports, White Papers, and scientific articles.   

Nutrition Writing
Nutrition Communications and Media Liaison



We have long-standing relationships with an array of communication agencies.  As well as working effectively with external communications agencies we also provide an in-house communications service.


We have established expertise in Public Relations and Communications.  A strong evidence-base is always at the heart of our projects.  Using the best quality evidence, we have helped to disseminate complex science to public sectors, helping many clients to stand out from the crowd.

  • Media briefings

  • Media rebuttals

  • Meet and greets, round tables

  • Podcasts

  • Press quotes

  • Presentations (Present and Virtual)

  • Radio Interviews/Days

  • Toolkit creations

  • TV Interviews

  • Virtual meetings/Presentations

  • Webinars

  • Training Packages



Corporate Packages for Co-Creation, Innovation, or to Drive Change.

Nutritional Insight has worked with many companies providing ‘evidence portfolios’. This has enabled clients to take decisions forward about the direction that they may wish to take, or how to position themselves.  

Nutritional Insight has also compiled scientific White Papers and high impact scientific publications. This has enabled topics to be explored in-depth independently and then evidence disseminated where it can help to move a scientific field forward..

​Specialist packages can be developed for specific project briefs

Horizon Scanning Package to Identify Key Research.

“Insight is the Foundation of Change” is our motto. We need to have a fresh insight and be ahead of the game to identify latest nutritional science and drive change .

Horizon Scans are one way of doing this.  At Nutritional Insight we have the capabilities to search through the science and unpick key studies that can then be disseminated through evidence-based Press Releases that integrate latest guidance.

At Nutritional Insight we have undertaken regular Horizon Scans with clients which have included Weber Shandwick, Nexus Communications, Red Brick Road, and several other leading PR agencies. We are currently offering three new Horizon Scanning Packages.


  • Bi-monthly Horizon Scans

  • 3 Press Releases a Year



  • Monthly Horizon Scans

  • 6 Press Releases a Year



  • Monthly Horizon Scans

  • 12 Press Releases a Year

  • 6 Media Quotations a Year

Social Dissemination of 'Bitesize' Science Package. 

At Nutritional Insight we publish regular Insight posts that are well-respected and widely read.Alongside being published on the Nutritional Insight website these are disseminated to social outlets.



  • 6 Insight Posts a Year


  • 12 Insight Posts a Year


  • 24+ Insight Posts a Year

All packages can be adapted and tailored according to client preferences.  Please contact: or

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