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Nutritional insight offers a range of services including independent and credible scientific research to innovate and drive change, high level expertise to substantiate science and provide evidence for brand storytelling.  We also offer private consultations specializing in preconception, pregnancy nutrition and nutrition and neurodiversity (ADHD and dyslexia focus).  

Nutritional Insight has a long-standing history of working successfully with a range of clients and offers a range of services.  This includes corporate clients, public relations, presenting, media appearances, public sector clients and private consultations.



Nutritional Insight is an independent & credible, scientific research and writing nutrition consultancy that produces high quality publications to innovate and drive change. 


We build evidence that protects reputation, increases market share, and advances research and development.  We help to identify product gaps, co-create products and secure future market sectors.​​​​​​

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Nutritional Insight is an independent consultancy that provides high-level expertise to substantiate science and provide fresh insight into evidence-backed brand storytelling. We have a history of working extensively and successfully with PR agencies.


We help to scan and unravel latest scientific studies by horizon scanning and formulate forward-thinking press releases/media coverage in a world that is hungry for information.

In a world full of myths and controversies Nutritional Insight has a long-standing relationship with PR agencies to produce evidence-backed media coverage in a manner that is timely and trustworthy.​​​​

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Dr Emma Derbyshire is an experienced public speaker.  Nutritional Insight projects have required her to speak around the world at large International Conferences and Media Roundtable events.  

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Emma is experienced at undertaking Media Radio Days.  She has also undertaken BBC interviews and been on Sky News.  Emma is featured on the BBC Radio 4 'Child' Podcast.

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Dr Emma Derbyshire is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist.  Her expertise has taken her all around the world.  She has presented on the topic of Maternal Nutrition in Dubai (above) and Omega-3 fatty acids and health in Nairobi. 


She has also contributed to several All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) reports (below).  Emma is currently working on an Innovate UK project awarded under the theme "Better Food for All: Innovation for Improved Nutrition".

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Nutritional Insight is a consultancy that provides high-level nutrition advice from an expert book author specialising  in the fields of preconception and pregnancy nutrition and nutrition and neurodiversity. 


We offer 1:1 consultations that are evidence backed and provide the opportunity to attenuate any confusions and answer questions.

In a world full of confusions and over-information Nutritional Insight provides evidence-based nutrition assessments and feedback that helps to inform nutritional well being in these important population groups.​​​


Nutritional Insight has a long-standing reputation of satisfied and sustained clients.  

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