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Dr Emma Derbyshire is a trained media expert and is experienced at working with a range of media interfaces. She regularly provides media quotes, undertakes interviews and has appeared on television programmes, including Sky news.


Emma also has vast experience undertaking radio days and filming projects. She has recently been recorded to feature in the BBC Radio 4 Podcast 'Child' which will feature in BBC sounds.

Sky News

Emma appeared on Sky news Breakfast show speaking on the topic hydration and health with particular reference to children, teens, learning and health.

Sky News.jpg

Educational Films

Dr Emma is experienced at using her knowledge to communicate information in the form of educational videos.  Below she is being filmed for an educational video about nutrition and brain health.


Radio Days

Emma is experienced at undertaking Radio Days.  She has carried out interviews with up to 15 different radio stations on such days.  She knows what audiences are looking for and is experienced at putting a human face on nutrition and health topics.

Radio day broadway studios.jpg
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