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Nutritional Insight is an independent consultancy that provides high-level expertise to substantiate science and provide fresh insight into evidence-backed brand storytelling. We have a history of working extensively and successfully with Public Relation (PR) agencies.


We help to scan and unravel latest scientific studies by horizon scanning and formulate forward-thinking press releases/media coverage in a world that is hungry for information.

In a world full of myths and controversies Nutritional Insight has a long-standing relationship with PR agencies to produce evidence-backed media coverage in a manner that is timely and trustworthy.

Providing Scientific Substance

We provide scientific substance by:


  • Horizon Scanning (finding and trailblazing latest science)

  • Compiling & Undertaking Consumer Surveys to secure Brand Direction and Protection.

  • Writing Evidence-based Press Releases that align with latest  guidance.

PR Expertise

We have 10+ years experience of working with PR agencies. 


We provide PR expertise by:

  • Providing access to Key Opinion Leaders

  • Writing articles & publications

  • Communicating science to healthcare professional & public sectors

  • Writing high-quality Press Releases

  • Advising PR agencies on key areas related to content creation.

Media Liaisons

We have extensive experience of liaising and working with media using an array of interfaces. 


Some examples of our media liaisons include:

  • Media briefings

  • Media rebuttals

  • Media interviews

  • Media round tables

  • Ideation events

  • Press quotes

  • Radio interviews/days

  • TV interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Webinars

  • Presentations

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