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Nutritional Insight is an independent & credible, scientific research and writing nutrition consultancy that produces high quality, publications to innovate and drive change. 

We are award-winning writers with a global reputation.  Our publications have achieved 120k  plus reads, making them highly cited and impactful. We build evidence that protects reputation, increases market share, and advances research and development.  We help to identify product gaps, co-create products and secure future market sectors.

Our expertise saves time and adds high-level expertise into your team. Our work supports innovative new product development, helps to protect brands and retain competitive edge.

Building Evidence

At Nutritional Insight we help to extract, interpret and build the evidence-base providing scientific substantiation.

Below are examples of the results generated from our work:

  • Advancement of Research & Development

  • Co-creation of Products/Finding Gaps

  • Expert Opinion Reports & Commentaries

  • Protection of Reputation

  • Health Claim Substantiation

We also provide:​

  • Confidential Internal Reports

  • White Paper Reports

  • Dossiers of Scientific Evidence

  • Data Analysis

  • Desktop Research for books/book chapters

  • Educational Resources

  • Training Packages

Innovating & Driving Change 

We innovate and drive change through our scientific research and writing projects.  We produce high Impact, peer-reviewed scientific publications.  



Below are  examples of what we have achieved and what we do:

  • Meta-analysis Papers

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Narrative Reviews

  • Umbrella Reviews

  • Scoping Reviews

  • Discussion Papers

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Publications

  • Conference write-ups into publications such as Symposium Reviews.

External Trusted Expertise

We provide access to Key Opinion Leaders which includes book authors & independent experts.  This results in credible input & scientific dissemination.

Our work & external expertise:

  • Saves corporate teams time

  • Adds high-level expertise to team

  • Is trusted by the media


We undertake:

  • Presentations & Webinars

  • Media Round-tables/Events

  • Radio Days

  • Podcasts

  • TV Interviews

  • Presentations and Webinars

  • Media Quotes

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